IoT Workshop in Hyderabad

IoT Workshop in Hyderabad: Tech Marshals organize workshops on a wide range of topics like IoT Workshop in Hyderabad, and also other workshops like Ethical Hacking, Digital Marketing, IOT, VLSI, MATLAB, DevOps, Embedded system, Salesforce CRM, RPA, & Web Design & Development across various colleges in Hyderabad and all over India. The topics offered are such that they are beneficial to who so ever is attending the workshop to gain awareness in the existing technology and choose their carrier in the field of their interest. We have our own way of pragmatic approach in the way we deliver our lectures which helps the students understand the concepts better

Seminars and workshops aren’t just important to the student’s graduate experience – they can make a positive impact on their career. Students can find the ones of their interest, and take full advantage of the opportunity to learn about each topic or subject to further their education and career.

IoT Workshop in Hyderabad: IoT is a new revolution of the Internet. A world where the real, digital and the virtual are converging to create smart, interactive environment that makes cities, transport and many other areas more intelligent. A device which is smart is called IOT (Internet of Things) devices. It allows different devices to communicate with each other, access information on the Internet, store and retrieve data, and also interact with users, creating it smart.

Consider this Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next evolution of the Internet, taking a huge leap in its ability to analyze, gather, and distribute data that we can turn into information and knowledge. In this context, Internet of Things (IoT) becomes very important.

Workshop Highlights:

  • What is an Internet of Things and introduction to open Cloud Computing Platforms?
  • Introduction to Arduino Open Microcontroller Platform
  • Creating Sensor Networks Using NRF Low Power consumption Module.
  • Using Wi-Fi module (ESP8266) with Arduino.
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Receiving data from Sensor Networks Using NRF through.
Iot Workshop Highlights hyderabad

Workshop Overview

iot workshop in hyderabad

The aim of the workshop is to make students learn IOT from Basic. In this workshop, we will cover all basic Arduino, Raspberry PI, and IOT concept. IOT is one of the world’s most emerging and growing technology. Any technology available right now can be merged with IOT.

The duration of this workshop will be 2 days, with 6 Sessions, divided properly into theory and hands-on sessions.

Best Suited for: All B.Tech / B.E, BCA, BSc Students / MCA / Mtech

Workshop Module


Session 1: Introduction to The Internet of Things

  • IOT Basics, Concepts, Techniques, Implementation & Future Prospects.
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing & various free open source platforms
  • Available as Cloud Server.

Session 2: Introduction to Arduino Open Microcontroller Platform

  • Arduino Basics
  • Board layout and architecture
  • Arduino IDE, Programming Approach.
  • Reading from Sensors- Sensors Interfacing-LM35, Gas Sensor (Any MQ2/MQ5/MQ7)

Session3: Creating Sensor Networks Using NRF (Low Power consumption Module)

  • Constructing a Message format.
  • Transmission & Reception through NRF IN Real time with Gas Sensor.

 Session 4: Wi-Fi module (ESP8266)

  • Interfacing with Arduino.
  • Programming the Wi-Fi Module with Arduino.
  • Configuring the Cloud Server So as to upload the Sensor Data.
  • Uploading the Sensor data (LM35-Temp Sensor) on a Web server with Real-
  • Time Graph plotting.


Session 5: Introduction to Raspberry Pi

  • Basic Board Layout, Features, Application of PI in IOT.
  • Basics of Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi
  • General Configuration of PI, Installing necessary Packages on the Board.
  • Basic Linux Commands, Python Language and Linux File System.

Session 6: Receiving data from Sensor Networks Using NRF through Raspberry Pi.

  • IoT Prototyping with Firebase.
  • Introduction to Firebase.
  • Uploading Data on Firebase.