Salesforce CRM Training in Hyderabad

Are you confused about the different Salesforce modules, and wonder which the best is for you? As well as We understand your problem, and have come up with a free demo of Salesforce Course training meant just for you. 

The class covers everything you need to know about the various modules involved in becoming a Salesforce CRM professional in Hyderabad and get this SFDC training course Ameerpet.

  • 70 hours of Instructor-Led Training
  • 100% Real-Time Training
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Salesforce CRM Training in Hyderabad

Tech Marshals is the Best Salesforce CRM Training Institute in Hyderabad, we are providing Salesforce CRM Classroom & you can learn from anywhere from Online Training, So, With a new batch of Salesforce training near you is scheduled to start soon, it’s advisable to enroll Now for Salesforce CRm online or Classroom Demo Session. 

Best Salesforce CRM Course Training in Hyderabad

Salesforce CRM Training

(Admin, Development, Integration and Projects)

Module 1: Salesforce Admin

Admin Basics:

            Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CRM, Cloud, Compare CRM Products, ID Creation, Customize Standard Application, Creating Application, Types of Licenses, Customization of Standard Campaign and Lead Object, How to Create Custom fields,

Mandatory Fields, How Customize Page Layouts, Tab Layouts and Creation of Views, Creation of Custom Object, Custom Tabs, Lookup Relationship, Search Layouts, Lead Conversion, Customize Account, Standard Objects. Data Types: Formula, Relationships, Rollup Fields.

 Schema Builder & Validation Rules

            Create Custom Objects using Schema Builder, Types of Relationships. Master Detail Relationship and Rollup Summary fields. Validation Rules on Opportunity Object, Number, Date, Currency, Pick list Validation.Validation Rules on Account Object, Phone, Regular Expressions and User Validation. Custom Buttons and Custom Links, Custom Settings . 

Workflow Rules and Approval Process

Workflow Rules, Workflow Approval Process, Communication Email Templates, Alerts, Field Updates, Tasks, Order of Execution. Dynamic, Multi step, Time Dependent Approval. Assignment Rule, Web-to-Lead, Workflow Using Process Builder. 

Data Management and Reports

Data Loader: Export, Import, Update, Upsert, Delete, Bulk Import. Schedule Export, Data Import Wizard, Mass Transfer Records. Report Types: Tabular, Summary, Creating and Summarizing Reports. Charts, Properties, Exporting, Custom object Report, Bucketing, Matrix, Joined Report, Dashboards, Adding Report Types, Adding Dashboards to Home Page. 


What is Role, License, Profile, How to Create a NEW User, Custom Profile. How to Provide Security at Application, TAB, Object, Record, Field and Layout Level. Administrative and User Level Permissions, Managing Users, Login History, Permission. Set, Field Accessibility, Network Access, Password Policies. Organization Wide Defaults (OWD), Login Access Policies, IP Ranges, Single Sign On, Certificate Key, Portals, Audit Trail, Queues, Domain, Mobile and Email Admin. 


Application Logo, Create Console base Application, CRM Cycle, Cases and solutions.

Controlling & Dependency fields, Support Process, Auto Response. How to create Activity (Tasks), Email Alerts, Case History, Record Type. Internationalization (i18n), Translation Workbench, Import and Export. How to Transport Application, Object, fields, Rules, Using Packages and Change Sets. Chatter and Communities 

Module 2: Salesforce Development

 Development Basics

Programming Concepts, Language Introduction, Translators (Compiler, Interpreter). Variable, Data Types (Value and Reference Type), Decision Statements, Loops in Apex. Arrays and its Functionality, Searching (Linear and Binary), Sorting (Bubble Sort). What is Class and Object, Object Oriented Programming Concepts? (Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance). Constructor, Program Flow, Access Specifier (Global, Public, Private). Inheritance, Types of Inheritance, Overloading and Overriding, Super, Static. Abstract, Interface, Types of Errors, Final, Exception Handling. Dynamic Memory Allocation,  (List, Set and Map).

 Visual force and Apex Programming

Visual Force Introduction, Developer Console, Standard Controller and Custom, Controller, Visual Force to Salesforce Communication, InputText, InputField, InputHidden, Output Text, Output Field. Communication between Visual Force to Salesforce Object, Custom Objet & Tab. How to Display Multiple records using Page Block Table, DT, DL, Repeat. Different Ways can create Page, Component Reference. Property, Setter and Getter, Communication between VF, Apex and Salesforce. Display List of Records using Record Set, Constructor, How to Filter Records using Apex, Working with Multiple Objects Records


            Trigger Introduction, Life Cycle of Trigger, Trigger Events, Context Variables, New and Old, Insert, Delete Update Record, Working with Multiple Records, Removing, Duplicates using Trigger, Apex Email API on Inserting and Deleting, Before Vs After, Triggers using Set and Map, Working with Map Structures, Trigger.OldMap, NewMap, Parent Child Object, Handlers, Assignment Rules, Workflows with Triggers, Criteria Based

 SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) and SOSL

Inserting Record from VF to Salesforce using Controllers. SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) statements. Delete, Update, Upsert: DML Statements. SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language) : FIND, Inserting Multiple Records in Salesforce Object. Debug Logs, Checking Governor Limits. Dynamic SOQL, Parent-Child SOQL

 User Interface IDE with Eclipse, Offline Programming, Deployment, CVS (Current Versioning System), Debugging VF and Apex Programs, JavaScript, Modal Dialog, Events, Communication between VF to Java script, Validating with Special Characters, Generating VF page Content in PDF, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Inline, Internal, External, Custom Components, Types of Programming, Developer Console, URL Mode, Setup Mode, UI Elements: Select Options, Select Radio, Input Hidden

 Apex Applications

Retrieve Data from Notepad or Excel to Salesforce object, Input file, Blob type, Visual Force TAB, Using Command Links and Command Buttons, Apex Param, Passing Parameter, between VF and Apex, Working with Extensions, Action Poller, Actions Status, Using Checkbox, Multi Structure, Action Support, Function, Wrapper list and Render, Rerender, Render As, Standard set controller, Methods, Disability Functions, Record Navigations,

 How many Ways can Run Apex  Code, Schedule Apex and Batch Apex Programming, Invoking Batch Apex, Start, Execute, Finish Methods, Sending Email from Schedule Apex, Testing Phase, Annotations, Executing Test Script, Code Coverage, Using schema Invoking with list of objects, fields, Fetching pick list fields from the object,

 Module 3: Integration

 Integration: What is Web service and what is WSDL, What is Session Header & Session ID, APIs, SOAP & REST, Meta Data and Streaming API and Bulk API

List of Standard WSDLs: Enterprise & Partner WSDL, Metadata & Custom Apex WSDL

Types of Integrations: What is Call In and Call Out Integrations & Ways to Call.

 Importance of Wrapper classes in Integrations and SOAP Call In Integration: Call In integration using Standard WSDLs of SOAP, Exposing Apex classes as SOAP Web Services, Writing more efficient SOAP Apex Web Services & Testing WSDL

SOAP Call out Integration: Invoking/Consuming external SOAP WSDL files into Salesforce Consideration while parsing external WSDL files into Salesforce

XML Parsers: XML Stream & XML DOM.

Real Time Scenarios: Real time Call In Integrations using SOAP and WSDL Files.

 Rest Call in Integration: Call In integration using Standard Rest Resources, Exposing Apex classes as Rest Web Services & Rest Annotations, Writing Efficient Rest Apex Web Services

Rest Call out Integration: Handling Http Callouts, Http, Httprequest and Http response Classes, Making callouts from triggers, Test classes for callouts

 Parsing JSON Data: JSON Parser and JSON Deserialization

Real Time Scenarios: Real time Call In and Call out Integrations using Rest

Integration Tools: Workbench and Real time Scenarios for Inbound Email Service, Integration for Salesforce, Outbound Emails from Workflows and Monitoring.

 Custom Settings: Hierarchy custom settings, List custom settings Process Builder, Security

Process Builder: Process builder overview, Process limits and Considerations, Creating Processes and Managing Processes

Setup Duplicate Management: Create or Edit Duplicate rules, Create, Edit matching rules

 Module 4: Salesforce Projects

 Salesforce Life Cycle Management

Design Phase, Implementation, Production Phase, Resume Preparation, Interview & Certification Questions

 Project-1: Pharmacy  

Project-2: Education Management System