MATLAB Workshop in Hyderabad

MATLAB Workshop in Hyderabad: Tech Marshals organize workshops on a wide range of topics like MATLAB Workshop in Hyderabad, and also other workshops like Ethical Hacking, Digital Marketing, IOT, VLSI, DevOps, Embedded system, Salesforce CRM, RPA, & Web Design & Development across various colleges in Hyderabad and all over India. The topics offered are such that they are beneficial to who so ever is attending the workshop to gain awareness in the existing technology and choose their carrier in the field of their interest. We have our own way of pragmatic approach in the way we deliver our lectures which helps the students understand the concepts better

MATLAB combines a desktop environment made for iterative analysis and design processes that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly with a programming language. Matlab workshop mainly focuses on learning about Matrix

MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming environment. Furthermore, MATLAB is a modern programming language environment, it has sophisticated data structures, contains built-in editing and debugging tools, and supports object-oriented programming. These factors make MATLAB an excellent tool for research.

Workshop Highlights

Matlab workshop
  • Working with Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB)

  • Use of mathematical functions for linear algebra, statistics

  • Use of visualization data and tools

  • Application in iterative exploration and problem solving

  • Application of Image acquisition and Processing Tool

  • Real Time working Projects

Workshop Overview

This workshop mainly focuses on the students eager to learn about MatLab. They will get to know about designing, operation, construction, and application of MatLab with real time practical experience.

Best Suited for : All B.Tech/B.E, BCA, BSc, M.E / M.Tech  Students

The duration of this workshop will be 2 day, divided properly into theory and Practical hands on sessions.

Matlab Workshop

Workshop Modules

Day 1:


  • Introduction to MATLAB Simulink
  • Basics about MATLAB Simulink
  • Image Processing using USB Camera
  • Live Object Tracking using MATLAB


  • Creating and Executing Models in MATLAB Simulink

Day 2:


  • Creating an Application 1 in MATLAB Simulink


  • Creating an Application 2 in MATLAB Simulink using
  • Arduino as Hardware for Validation
  • Certificate Distributio
Hardware Kits:

  • Arduino Board.
  • LCD and DC Motor.
  • IR Sensor/ LDR Sensor.
  • Sensor Modules.

Software and Languages:

  • Arduino IDE
  • MATLAB Simulink