Hackers Targeting on Social Media in COVID-19 Pandemic

For anyone who’s been on the internet and scrolling down and using social media. Hacks are not a surprising concept. After all, a new hack is being deployed to businesses, organizations, or individuals every 39 seconds.

 Hackers are not stopping they are boosting themselves in this Lock-down stage they kept more targets and keep on reaching there targets. Hackers are always looking for new ways to hack people. While there will likely always be bad attempts, Social media hackers are getting smarter. Now, hackers are hiding their attacks within apparently “innocent” social media posts.

Social Media becoming a new target

Most people just use their social media to keep updated posts events and visits with family and friends and don’t see their profiles as valuable information goldmines. Hackers can use your contact list to reach new people, they can use your interests or habits to target email phishing Scams, or even see your browsing or shopping history.

 As we all know that recently that 500,000 Zoom accounts for sale on the dark web, now a new story revealed Hackers sold 267 million Facebook users’ personal data.  No passwords were available, but the data include email address, names, Facebook ID, date of birth and phone numbers.  By just seeing don’t just say thank god our password is saved every information is valuable for hackers every step is important for hackers,   we say failure is the stepping stone of success.  For Hackers first step is stepping stone of success. When they decide start their first step then they will not stop there walk initially they walk slowly they ran again they will try to fly. So when we come to know that they have attacked and stolen our data just be careful with you activates now be alert at least from now on wards don’t go with the fake website for shopping  the funniest thing is that some website need only Credit cards for shopping.

In the COIVID – 19 Pandemic lockdown time most of the people are busy with their social sites ether TIKTOK, WhatsApp Status or Instagram or Face book now crazy people are installing and doing more and more TIKTOK and posting and watching videos. New TikTok Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Show Fake Videos on Users Account.   

Tips for Secure your Social media Accounts


  • Create a unique email and secure password which can secure your accounts.
  • People are just showing interest  on friends posting and entertainment sometimes take some time and watch face book security alerts and videos to the warn all the users to secure their accounts
  • You have two factor authentication read about that and enable.
  • Try to update mobile apps regularly if possible take your backup and do regular formatting.
  • Try to check and monitor your account regular which leads to take fast action when any this suspicious happened in your account.
  •  When your accepting friends request be careful don’t just think of followers and likes.
  • Try to keep some other card which include low balance when you do online shopping use this kind of cards if required transfer to this account when needed.  It will help in your financial transactions.
  • Most of the Digital marketing agency and Marketing people need to check some tool and plug gins for trail version if you concentrate you will find mostly they ask for CREDIT CARD details.  Be careful when you do any single transaction starts from one Rupee.