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DevOps Training institute: Tech Marshals is one of the Best DevOps Training Institute in Hyderabad India. tech marshals Offers world class training on various trending software technologies in Hyderabad Join our DevOps online training or classroom Training and Get trained By Mr. Sridhar Real time Industry professional more than 10+ Years Experience to get hands on experience. We provide DevOps classroom training in Ameerpet and Online training also for students. Our training sessions covers all information from basic to advanced level. We ensure that tech marshals training institute is the Best DevOps Training institute in Ameerpet Hyderabad .

About the Course 

This DevOps training is designed to make you a certified practitioner by providing you hands-on training on DevOps tools and sharing DevOps best practices about Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, including Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and finally Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle.

Course Objectives

Tech Marshals DevOps training is designed to help you become a DevOps practitioner. During this course, our expert DevOps instructors will help you

DevOps Course Modules 

LINUX Basics: 

  • Unix and Linux difference
  • Linux File system structure
  • Basic Linux/Unix commands
  • Changing file permissions and ownership
  • Types of links soft and hard link
  • Filter commands
  • Simple filter and advance filter commands
  • Start and stop services
  • Find and kill the process with id and name
  • Package installation using RPM and YUM

Introduction to Devops 

  • Define Devops
  • What is Devops
  • SDLC models,Lean,ITIL,Agile
  • Why Devops?
  • History of Devops
  • Devops Stakeholders
  • Devops Goals
  • Important terminology
  • Devops perspective
  • Devops and Agile
  • Devops Tools
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

GIT: Version Control Introduction 

  • What is Git
  • About Version Control System and Types
  • Difference between CVCS and DVCS
  • A short history of GIT
  • GIT Basics
  • GIT Command Line Installing Git
  • Installing on Linux
  • Installing on Windows
  • Initial setup

Git Essentials

  • Creating repository
  • Cloning, check-in and committing
  • Fetch pull and remote
  • Branching
  • Creating the Branches, switching the branches, merging the branches.

Chef for configuration management  Overview of Chef

  • Common Chef Terminology (Server,
  • Workstation, Client, Repository etc.)
  • Servers and Nodes
  • Chef Configuration Concepts

Workstation Setup

  • How to configure knife
  • Execute some commands to test connection between knife and workstation

Organization Setup

  • Create organization
  • Add yourself and node to organization

Test Node Setup

  • Create a server and add to organization
  • Check node details using knife

Node Objects and Search

  • How to Add Run list to Node
  • Check node Details


  • How to create Environments
  • Add servers to environments


  • Create roles
  • Add Roles to organization


  • Understanding of Attributes
  • Creating Custom Attributes
  • Defining in Cookbooks 

Jenkins – Continuous Integration

  • Understanding continuous integration
  • Introduction about Jenkins
  • Build Cycle
  • Jenkins Architecture
  • Installation
  • Obtaining and installing Jenkins
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins using WAR and RPM
  • Java installation and configuration
  • Maven Installation
  • Exploring Jenkins Dashboard.


  • Creating Jobs
  • Running the Jobs
  • Setting up the global environments for Jobs
  • Adding and updating Plugins
  • Disabling and deleting jobs

Build Deployments

  • Understanding Deployment.
  • Tomcat installation and configuration

Securing Jenkins

  • Authentication
  • Jenkins Plugin
  • Authorization
  • Confidentiality
  • Creating users
  • Best Practices for Jenkins

Docker– Containers. Introduction

  • What is a Docker
  • Use case of Docker
  • Platforms for Docker
  • Dockers vs. Virtualization


  • Docker Architecture.
  • Understanding the Docker components


  • Installing Docker on Linux.
  • Understanding Installation of Docker on windows.
  • Some Docker commands.
  • Provisioning

Docker Hub.

  • Downloading Docker images.
  • Uploading the images in Docker Registry and AWS ECS
  • Understanding the containers
  • Running commands in container.
  • Running multiple containers.

Custom images

  • Creating a custom image.
  • Running a container from the custom image.
  • Publishing the custom image.

Docker Networking

  • Accessing containers
  • Linking containers
  • Exposing container ports
  • Container Routing

Docker Compose

  • Installing the Docker compose
  • Terminology in Docker compose

Build word press site using Docker compose

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