Digital Marketing Training In Hyderabad

Tech Marshals is one of the Best Software Training Institute in Hyderabad India. Offers world class training on various trending software technologies in Hyderabad Join our Digital Marketing Training Classes and Get trained By Real time Industry professionals more than 15 Years Experience to get hands on experience. We provide Digital Marketing classroom training in Ameerpet and Online trainings for students, and software professionals. Our training sessions covers all information from basic to advanced level. We ensure that tech marshals training institute is the Best Digital Marketing Training institute in Hyderabad and Ameerpet.

Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Session 1

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • How Online Marketing works
  • Customer Engagement Metrics
  • Understand the “See Think Do” Framework
  • Case Study walk-through and Identification and setting the work plan for Live project
  • Develop a working website by adding theme, plug-ins, webpages etc.
  • Define website monetization plan
  • Setup AdSense on the web platform
  • Understand Acquisition channels and conversation metric

Session 2

Web Analytics

  • What is Digital Analytics?
  • Understand the Web Analytics Process
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Understand how Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio can be used for better understanding of Consumer Behavior

Session 3

SEO – On page Optimization

  • Understand the major functions of a Search Engine
  • What is SEO and its need?
  • How to find/choose relevant keywords
  • Using tools and competitor analysis to find the keywords to optimize the website
  • On Page Optimization

Session 4

SEO – Off page Optimization

  • What is the Page Rank? How do you increase this?
  • Off page optimization
  • Advanced SEO Concepts
  • Structured Data
  • Local SEO
  • Semantic Mark-up

Session 5

PPC Marketing

  • What is Online Advertising?
  • Why Pay Per Click (PPC)?
  • Types of Online Advertising : Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Retargeting
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Campaign – Creation and Optimization
  • Monitoring a campaign – Quality Score for keywords & CTR for keywords, Ad copies

Session 6

PPC and Video Marketing:

  • Why Display Ads? Isn’t search enough
  • What are the different Ad formats
  • Display Campaign Creation in AdWords and Finding your target audience
  • Video Marketing
  • YouTube Channel Creation and Growth
  • Video Campaign Creation in AdWords
  • Using YouTube videos to redirect traffic to your website
  • YouTube video analytics

Session 7

Social Media Marketing – Facebook and Instagram

  • Social media advantages & other touchpoints
  • Selling on social media and content formats
  • Consumer POV, Marketer POV & Publisher POV
  • Engaging with fans on Facebook and growing organically
  • Advertising On Facebook – Creating And Running An Ad
  • Facebook Insights – Understanding important metrics to measure audience engagement
  • Ad Manager On Facebook
  • Instant Articles & Facebook Audience Network
  • How to grow on Instagram organically
  • Advertising On Instagram – Running Ads & Understanding Ad Formats

Session 8

 Social Medial Marketing – 2 and Content Marketing

  • SnapChat Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing and Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Tools used in content marketing
  • Content creation and curation tools
  • Content automation tools

Session 9

Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing advantages and When to use it
  • How to create a Email Marketing list
  • Using Mailchimp
  • How to develop an email list
  • How to write engaging emails?
  • Content writing and A/B testing
  • Drip E-mail Marketing
  • How to deal with domain black list?

Session 10

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?
  • The Different Commission Structures Involved
  • Best Practices in setting up an Affiliate Program
  • Different type of Affiliates with examples
  • Tracking and Attribution Models
  • Establishing an Affiliate Network for your website
  • How to Sign Up Affiliates for your website
  • Setting up your own Affiliate Program

Session 11

Lead Management and Growth Hacking

  • What is lead generation? and different methods
  • Best practices in setting up a lead management system
  • How to nurture leads? Case Studies.
  • Strategies to convert leads into users of your platform
  • Growth Management
  • What is Growth Hacking?
  • The problem that Growth Hacking solves

Session 12

Project Review and Mobile Marketing

  • Revise the Online Marketing methods
  • Revisit Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook insights to identify the improvement areas
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Why your Website should be mobile friendly
  • Responsive v/s Separate mobile portal
  • Mobile site vs App
  • Getting listed on app stores and App Store Optimization(ASO)
  • How to Promote your App
  • How to Monetize your App

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